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what kind of dog is a PON?

polskie owczarki nizinne przy owcachPONs are like our old gentle folks: stubborn, wise guys, individualists but at the same time a PON is a soul mate for the whole family. And they are always hungry :) For centuries Polish Lowland Sheepdogs were living on Polish farms. They were not just used like border collies to herd the sheep but also they were very good guard dogs, protective and working hard for the whole household. To do such a job the dog had to be very intelligent and mistrustful, therefore they wouldn't go away from the house. The dog also had to have long coat with a lot of undercoat to be weather resistant.


pony z dziećmiNowadays PONs are mostly pets but in their character is still their ancestors' characteristic. Therefore most PONs are mistrustful (perfect guard dog) but also there are more and more PONs that love the whole world. PONs are not a single person dog. They are very family oriented and love their whole pack. Very often they are best friends with the children and then you can watch them playing for hours. PONs have a voice and they are very talkative :) They bark to show their emotions, to invite you to play, to warn you and every time when they bark they use a different type of bark. PONs are very intelligent dogs but not blindly obedient like border collies or German Shepherds. PONs are individualist and they have their own mind. Before they do something they have to think if it's worth doing it.
At the same time they are easy to train because of their well known passion for food. Because they are herding dogs they are very easy to make friends with other animals like horses, cats and birds. They don't run away, they usually stay with their whole family. PONs are very happy when they can be with their owners. That's why it is very good to teach the dog always new tricks. It will make him happy and will make the relationship with the owner stronger and the dog will be more obedient. For more ambitions people PONs are proven in herding, agility, dog therapy and dog rescue.


szczeniak ponaThe PON as a puppy is interested in everything, very frisky but seldom damages or bites items he shouldn't. It needs very early socialization with people, new surroundings, animals and constant stimulation. Without all of that, with its inherited mistrust might grow up to a fearful or aggressive dog. I am emphasizing it because many times new owners think that just a big back yard will do it. PONs left alone in the yard will become very dumb and will bark a lot. To have a true friend in a PON, you have to spend time with him and give the dog attention, especially during his young age. The best way to do it is to take your new PON puppy everywhere with you. That way it will meet new people, places and animals. Also it is recommended to attend puppy kindergarten or meet with other pet owners.
Very often I tell my new puppy people that the dog is an intelligence test because very quickly we will know who is smarter. They have to be prepared that the PONs are very smart and charming and very often they get what they want. You have to know that your new puppy will do anything to melt your heart. Their charm, cuteness and the look they can give and even sometimes "THE bark" is very difficult to ignore. Don't let them to mislead you. Very often the competition ends up with a draw. The dog is very obedient but is allowed to sleep in the bed and on the sofa :)


Pon na kanapieMany times people ask me about the PON coat, how much work is involved to take care of it, what about the hair all over the house? And they don't believe when I tell them..... If you have a PON at home, there is less hair that from a German Shepard, Labrador or Golden. The hair also doesn't stick to your clothes, carpet and is easy to remove. The PONs have hair and of course some of them fall off, but usually a dead hair will stay on the dog and not removed will create a mat. Regularly brushing will take away loose hair and improve the skin blood circulation plus keeps your dog and the house clean.


kąpiel szczeniaka ponaThe coat doesn't require special care but it has to be brushed regularly and from time to time washed. Dogs living in the city need to be bathed more often, at least their lower parts "underbody". Adult dogs need to be brushed once a week after the coat is sprayed with conditioner, diluted with water. It will take about one hour. If the dog is not brushed regularly or is changing the coat, then of course it has to be brushed longer. Younger dogs should be brushed frequently for a few minutes, so they get used to such a routine. Puppies and young dogs have very soft coat that easily tangles and it needs to be brushed twice a week. Because PONs' ears are covered with long, thick hair, the ears have to be checked regularly and the hair inside the ear canal removed.


PON jedzący marchewkęIn the typical urban lifestyle an adult PON needs less food than other breeds of similar size. But the PONs have similar or even bigger appetite, therefore often they are overweight. PONs are not fussy about food. They eat vegetables and fruits, which you can add as a low calory addition to their main meal.

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