(Article - Summon from “ Pies” magazine, March 1950)

Polish Lowland Sheepdog.

         PON is the second Polish breed that unfortunately seems to have become extinct during WW-II. Specimens from the only functioning kennel, run by Ms. R. Zoltkowska, were taken by the Germans and used in battle. Some even received Iron Crosses (quite useless for dogs) in Norway for their cleverness and intelligence.  
Perhaps there are still examples of this breed left in the country which are deemed to  mongrelize.  
The Polish Kennel Club would be grateful for notification of those  areas where  lowland sheepdogs  could still be found. Furthermore, the PKC will extend protection and help in the restoration of this useful breed to its due place.
This type of dog does not require much care, is very friendly,  extremely well adapted to the lowland climate (better than the Tatra dog) and has an excellent ability to work on farms. Smaller than the Tatra sheepdog (height approximately 45 cm) the PON has a long,  shaggy coat covering its head. The coat color is mostly white but occasionally gray and dark gray.

          This is a  short notice that attracted the attention of Dr. Danuta  Hryniewicz and resulted in restoration of the breed.

Tuska             Tuska's children
"Tuska" and her children.  (photoes from original article)

 translation by Halina and Kris Bienkowski