translation by Halina and Kris Bienkowski

Bydgoszcz 1975

GWAREK z Psiego Raju
Best of show (male)

CUMA z Psiego Raju
Best of show (female)

BIM ze Zrodel Solankowych
Best Junior


First Polish Lowland Sheepdog Specialty

Excerpt of the article from the “Pies” Magazine - 1975

            It is already a quarter of the century since the first names of our native PONs were introduced to Ksiega Wstepna PKR (dog registry). The Bydgoszcz breeders deserve the credit for directing the attention of the Polish Kennel Club to the breed. The surviving examples of the breed were gathered and the breeding plan was directed toward recognition of the breed by FCI. Presently this is already behind us. Furthermore , today we can say that the PON is becoming very popular in international dog shows. PONs are becoming “fashionable”. Breeders from West Germany, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland are looking for the dogs in Poland but unfortunately we do not have enough of them yet. So, this Specialty Show, bringing with it the first review of the actual breeding stock of PONs was perhaps organized a bit too late.

The show, a general review of Polish Lowland Sheepdogs, was organized by The Bygdoszcz Kennel Club on May 4th, 1975 under the auspices of the Herding Dog Judges Club in a traditional sheep exhibition area in Myslecinku near Bydgoszcz.

There were 72 Pons (29 studs and 43 bitches) registered in the show. Beside native exhibitors there were exhibitors from West and East Germany, Belgium and Holland. Among them pp. Jasicowie, activists of Polish Breeds Dog Clubs in Belgium, and p. Jorg Hausfschild from West Germany. During the show, dogs and bitches were subjected to assessment by the judges and to zoometric measurements. These measurements became a base for further decisions in the breeding programs as well as establishing criteria for judgements.

The show was initiated by a very interesting review of breeding lines. Judges and spectators were introduced to a family of dogs originating from well recognized stud dogs whose names were carried in front of each group. Judges chose the best groups. This show demonstrated the great significance of Korderagda Kennel in the development of the breed.

Next, judges assessed dogs in two separate rings according to age and sex. And finally the selection of the best dog and bitch was made by all the judges present. 

The show was concluded by an award presentation to the owners of the best dogs. Judges: Prof. Dr. Jadwiga Dyakowska from Krakow, Mgr. Lubomir Smyczynski from Katowice and Wladyslaw Malicki from Warszawa awarded 32 excellent, 19 very good  and 1 good marks. Furthermore they awarded 4 CWC, 2 titles of “Winner of I Specialty PON Show”. There were 13 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze medals awarded.

The Title of Winner of  Show went to: 
1. GWAREK z Psiego Raju O-I-14567 breeder/ owner A.Adamski- Bedargowo.

2. CUMA Spod Zagla PKR O-XVIII-5097 breeder/owner J. Wojcik- Bydgoszcz.

The Junior Winner- BIM ze Zrodel Solankowych # reg. 1750/74 owner M. Sieniawska- Warszawa.